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Studio Laurenz Brunner



All images by Claudia Comte with exceptions noted below.

128 squares and their demonstration by Jean-Christophe Lett / 21 Trunks form a triangle by Stefan Jaeggi / Art Brussels (exhibition views) by Philippe de Putter / Art Brussels by David N. Regen / Basics and Combinations by Annik Wetter / Basics and Combinations by Stefan Jaeggi / Big Bob, his square friend, and their diamond totem by Yves André / Black and White Circles in the Sky​ by Stefan Altenburger / Bunnies and ZigZag by Annik Wetter / Draft for a particular vision of the future by Grischa Schmitz / Catch the Tail by the Tiger by Roman März / Curves and Corners by Jens Ziehe / Curves and Zigzags by Lance Gerber / Easy Heavy by Annik Wetter / Easy Heavy III by Stefan Altenburger / Eva & Transit by Nicolas Coulomb / Fluide Glacial by Gunnar Meier / From Zanzibar to Acapulco by Gunnar Meier / HAHAHA by Gunnar Meier / Harum Scarum by Annik Wetter / Hot Saw - Electric Power by Nicolas Gysin / I have Grown Taller from Standing with Trees by Roman Maerz / If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, Iʼd spend six sharpening my ax by Gunnar Meier / Indiana Jones by Nicolas Delaroche / Julio & Angelo by Gunnar Meier / Kira by David N. Regen / Jungle and Corals by Roman Maerz / La Ligne Claire by Roberto Apa / Le Passage de LʼÉtoile by Gunnar Meier / Letʼs Go to Rodeo by Ela Bialkowska, OKNO studio / Many Kinds of Suspense Pictures (exhibition view) by Gunnar Meier / The Marble W 2019, by Roman Maerz / Mickey Paintings 1–3 by Alexander Hana / Mixed Message Media by David N. Regen / Morgenstern (aerial view) by Salvatore Gervasi / No Lemon No Melon (close-ups) by Gunnar Meier / No Lemon No Melon (exhibition views) by David N. Regen / No Lemon No Melon by Julien Nédelec / NOW I WON (installation views) by Gina Folly and (candid detail images) by Diana Pfammatter / If I were a rabbit where would I keep my gloves by Alexander Hana (except Bumpy Grumpy 1/6 & 3/6 by Claudia Comte) / Quand lʼappétit va, tout va! by Jens Ziehe / Scantione-Tensione by Ela Bialkowska, OKNO studio (except Dj set picture) / Sculpture Objects 1–17 by Alexander Hana / Sculpture Objects 35–49 by Jens Ziehe / Sculpture Objects (2019) by Gunnar Meier / Sculpture Objets (2020) by Roman März / Seven Marble Sculptures by Jens Ziehe / Sharp Sharp by Max Slaven / Solo booth for ArtGeneve with Galerie Koenig by Annik Wetter / Sonic Geometry Rennes by André Morin / Sonic Geometry, Zurich (close-ups) by Jens Ziehe / Sonic Geometry, Zurich (exhibition views) by Alexander Hana / Squeezed Tubes 1–9 by Jens Ziehe / Story Bumping by Gunnar Meier / Summer Villa by Nicolas Delaroche / Summer Villa Extension by Marc Domage/CCS / Sunday Art Fair by Joe Clark / Suspended Marble Fruits 2018 by Nicolas Gysin / Black Suspended Marble Fruits 2019 by Roman März / Suspended Marble Fruits 2019 by Damien Griffiths / Swiss Art Awards by Gunnar Meier / The Big Marble Soft Coral by Gunnar Meier / The Curves, the corners, and the machines by Gunnar Meier / The Italian Bunnies by Jason Wyche / The Italian Bunnies (2019) by Gunnar Meier / The Marble Cans by Gunnar Meier / The Platform, Quand lʼappétit va, tout va! by Gina Folly / The Primary Fondue Party by Alexander Hana / The Nordic Cactuses by Gunnar Meier / Tornado Kit by Stefan Altenburger / Trouble Rainbow by Giorgio Beni / Trouble Rainbow III by Alexander Hana / Turn and Slip 2017 by Gunnar Meier / Turn and Slip CMYK 2020 by Roman März / Vanity Loop by Nicolas Delaroche / Victor by Max Slaven / Welcome to Colorful by Nicolas Delaroche / Wir baden auf der Freianlage by David N. Regen / Wooden Coral Sculptures by Roman März / X,Y,Z by Nicolas Delaroche / Zigzag Division by Nora Rupp / After Nature by Stefan Altenburger / Heatwave and Melting Snake by Nemanja Knezevic / Structure of Life by Adriano A. Biondo / The Big Marble Soft Coral (four fangs) by François Charrière / The Big Marble Elkhorn Coral (six branches) by Roman März / The Pink Big Marble Cactus by Kostas Maros / Aurelius (Marble Cactus) by Kostas Maros